Nederland, onderteken en ratificeer het VN-kernwapenverbod

Vrijdag 22 januari 2021 treedt het VN-verdrag inzake het Verbod op Kernwapens in werking. Er zijn dan 90 dagen verstreken nadat vijftig landen het ondertekend hebben. Vanaf die datum is

The children of the world are watching

I am May-May Meijer, founder of Peace SOS, and I am sending out peace and love to all the people in the world. Praying for all the people in the

The children of Gambia

I’m Festus Iheanacho writing from Gambia, e-mail: festusiheanacho1@gmail.com Gambia is one of the smallest countries of West Africa, with a population of 2.5 million. The children in Gambia move from

Teso Youth Agricultural Production Initiative for Peace in Uganda

Article by David Adengu, email; adengudavid8@gmail.com I founded the Teso Youth Agricultural Production Initiative for Peace with the aim of reversing the agricultural challenges facing the youth in Uganda and

Sufficient safe and nutritious food for everybody in the world

Author: Huub Lelieveld, Prof. Dr. h.c. H.L.M. Lelieveld is President of the Global Harmonization Initiative. It was in 2004 that newspapers reported that a shipload of food had once again

A Food Plants International database of edible plants to address malnutrition

Author: Rick Campbell of Food Plant Solutions Contact person: Karalyn Hingston of Food Plant Solutions Every 12 seconds a child, under the age of 5, dies from malnutrition! 1 in

Uncontrolled woodcutting in the Manicaland region of Zimbabwe has left many fields treeless

This blog was written by Jussa M Kudherezera from Zimbabwe. He founded Manica Youth Assembly (MAYA), a youth-based community organization advocating for peace, environmental protection and rectifying social injustices. MAYA empowers

Peace in Mali expected soon

A blog by Boubacar Issa Traoré, director Peace One Day Mali. Since 2012, after the military putsch which overthrew President Amadou Toumani Touré, Mali has fallen into a social and

Our escape to Sinjar mountain

Brahim Khudeda 21 years old, Qadia Camp We were thinking about how to live, how to pass our days … We never hated anyone and didn’t hurt anybody. Everything changed

Zimbabwe: give the youth a voice

A blog by a guest editor from Zimbabwe, Crab Nhari (pseudonym). Zimbabwe is a country in Southern Africa which gained independence from colonial rule in 1980. It has a population

We’ve been longing for peace in South Sudan for a very long time

I am Lizzie Atong, I was born in South Sudan and raised in Kenya. I am 22 years old. We’ve been longing for peace in South Sudan for a very

Let’s turn back the Doomsday Clock

The symbolic Doomsday Clock is set at 100 seconds to midnight, where midnight represents humanity obliterating itself. According to the statement of the president and CEO of the Science and

Nonviolence is a superpower

Abdullah Zankeh (Francois, 1991), lives in Turkey and writes about Syria, 20 May 2020 This is a call for peace from Abdullah Zankeh (Francois). He lived in Syria and was
Fiagdon river rapids in North Ossetia

Peace starts small, between individuals, by getting to know each other as real humans

10 April 2020, Marleen Mauritz, Russian Federation Marleen Mauritz (1969) worked in the Caucasus, North Ossetia, from September 1995 till May 1996. Although it is a while ago, we think

Blog Report on the situation in Idlib

9 May, 2019 In the last few days, the city of Idlib and some of its surrounding areas have witnessed a massive exodus due to the bombardment of Russian airliners,

Burgers en NGO’s staan op voor vrede en humanitaire hulp in Jemen

Tijdens een demonstratie op zondag 25 november om 14.15 op het Plein in Den Haag, zullen Nederlandse burgers en NGO’s zich uitspreken voor vrede in Jemen. Op het Plein zal

Free Watch Afghanistan Organization

The war is taking its victims every day and violence deteriorates day by day. Contemporary history of the country is depleted with massacres, violence and killing of innocent people. We,

Oplossingen voor Jemen

Onlangs werd in de Jemenitische provincie Sa’dah een schoolbus geraakt door een luchtaanval die geleid werd door Saoedi-Arabië. Er vielen 51 doden, onder wie 40 kinderen. Een week geleden vond

SOS Ghouta, Syrië

Picture: March 25, 2018. People are forced to leave their homes from Erbin, Eastern Ghouta. Photo: Anas Aldmashqi Eastern Ghouta has been under siege since November 2013. This area in

Let the Israeli and the Palestinians lead the Peace Process

Picture: At the public peace negotiations organized by the NGO ‘Minds of Peace’ in March 2017 Tel Aviv Gaza, West Bank and Lebanon refugee camp protests formed — several Palestinians recently died and


God is the origin in the relations between people and human societies and nations, a divine law that simulates the common sense of man, because the origin in life is

A preview of the upcoming book ‘Battling Injustice’

The Iron Lady of the Middle East – Tawakkol Karman. The moment I think of Tawakkol Karman, who at the age of 32 was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in

Speaking with Jean Minani, President of Burundi’s CNARED

A young boy from Burundi, forced to flee his home due to violence, looks at his new surroundings in the Nyarugusu refugee camp in Tanzania (2015). Photo: UNICEF Tanzania: Rob Beechey.

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