A message from Rafah, Gaza

29 May, 2024 | Gaza

“Our dear friend May .. Greetings, and after perhaps this is our last message that you will receive, write it for you and my heart is torn apart by the tragic circumstances we are going through. Unfortunately, the crossing will be closed during the ground operation of the army, it is located within the area of military operations .. Because we have no hope in survival now, the only outlet to get out of death has been closed and we have not had enough money to move to the middle area We sent money to Egypt to register for travel, but unfortunately we did not travel and we were trapped from death in all aspects. Food has been scarce in the markets and the price of the rest of it has increased. There is no time in front of the time to face our inevitable fate which is death 😭 trapped without food and we do not have the money to buy a tent and move to a safer place (….) I see that death is coming towards us quickly and I hope that a permanent ceasefire will be reached. In order for my children to live in peace and practice their normal lives like the rest of the world’s children, if we cannot communicate again, I would like to tell you that we were happy to meet a beautiful friend like you and a wonderful person who has a spirit of humanity and kindness .. We are proud of you our friend and we wish you to forgive us if we one day we did not provide assistance to the needy as it should be .. We thank you for everything and we hope to see you soon. If we stay alive, these are our greetings.
Your friends from Gaza are the ….family.”

This is one of the last messages we received from our partner in Gaza. They used to provide vegetables to the needy in Gaza. It is more than a week ago since we heard from them. They have a baby girl and a young boy.

AI photo: Chaa My