Vacancy Secretary Peace SOS

The position of secretary of Peace SOS is a board position. The board consists of a chair, a secretary and a treasurer. In addition, Peace SOS advisors and daily support (English translator, webmaster etc) are part of the Peace SOS team. We are all volunteers.

It is essential that the secretary of Peace SOS agrees with the mission of Peace SOS as recorded at the Chamber of Commerce: To promote peace and human rights through peaceful means, to combat poverty and to contribute to a better, more peaceful and fair world for the most vulnerable and for all, with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as an important guide.

The duties of the secretary are:

  • Attending Peace SOS boardmeetings, approx one meeting every two months. The meetings are depending on the participants in English or Dutch.
  • Setting the meeting date
  • Taking summary minutes in English or Dutch (the minutes can be taken in Dutch and translated with DeepL).
  • If we send out letter to heads of state, it is wonderful if you can back-up the chair if needed

If you are interested or would like to know more about the position please contact May-May Meijer, Peace SOS chair, 

Peace SOS
IBAN: NL37TRIO0391163124
Dutch Chamber of Commerce
registration number: 65947355

Dutch identification number for legal entities and associations
RSIN: 856328789