Re: Resolution to be presented at the UN concerning peace negotiations for Ukraine
Bussum, the Netherlands, 21 November 2022

Your Excellency,

Greetings from all of us, various peace organizations and peace lovers from all over the world. Also from people from inside Ukraine.

We would like to draw your attention to the suffering of the people in Ukraine. We are shocked by the people dying every day in Ukraine and the threat of a nuclear war. We hope that all lives will be respected and cherished: the lives of the innocent children, the lives of all the civilians, the lives of all the soldiers. We hope that the war in Ukraine will be over soon. That peace will come and that humanitarian aid will be provided. Peace negotiations for Ukraine are needed now. The Black Sea Grain Initiative gives us hope.

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Open letter – Reaction to President Raisi’s speech at the United Nations General Assemblee 77

Open letter: Reaction to President Raisi’s speech at the United Nations General Assemblee 77


President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, H.E. Dr. Ebrahim Raisi


Bussum, 25 September 2022


Your Excellency,

Greetings from the Netherlands in Europe! The press section of the Iranian embassy in the Netherlands sent us your speech for the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly. We are grateful for the opportunity to give our feedback.

But first please allow me to briefly introduce myself and Peace SOS.

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Open Letter – Please extend the truce, let all the children play in Jemen


Your Excellencies, Your Highnesses,


As citizens, our hearts cry for all the people in the world suffering from violence, starvation and illness due to war. This applies especially for the children and people of Yemen. The situation is tragic. According to David Gressly, the humanitarian coordinator for Yemen, the numbers of people in need are still staggering. Over 23 million people –almost three-quarters of Yemen’s population – now need assistance.


Nevertheless, the truce brings hope to the Yemeni people. According to OCHA Yemen, since the truce began civilian casualties decreased and humanitarian access was enhanced.

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Peace SOS for Ukraine

Thank you for your presence at Dam Square, thank you for your support for the people in Ukraine.

Dam Square – Sunday 27 February / Peace for Ukraine event organised by several organisations. Thanks also to Gemeente Amsterdam.

Dam Square  – Sunday 27 February / Peace  for Ukraine event


Food baskets for the people in Taiz, Yemen

Food baskets for the people in Taiz, Yemen

To help vulnerable displaced families in different areas in Taiz Governorate, Yemen, Peace SOS donated food baskets to 270 people, including 98 children, 63 women, 70 men, 29 elderly, and 19 people with special needs. The distribution took place in late March 2022 so...

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During the war in Syria we had contact with the girls Noor and Alaa. At the time, from a besieged Eastern Ghouta, they made an appeal for help. Fortunately, they are now safe. Sadly, for many other children and adults, this is not the case; they are still living amid the violence of war or in refugee camps. By sharing calls like those of Noor and Alaa, we aim to amplify voices for peace. These kinds of powerful images also show that we as adults have a responsibility to ensure that we treat each other well, so that A world in which all children can play becomes reality.

Other sources of inspiration also underlie this aim. Such as Loesje’s poster, and an interview with someone on UNICEF Radio 1 who said that children were completely silent in the refugee camps. Our mission is broadly formulated: to promote peace via peaceful means, human rights and to end poverty. We also want to give a voice to other people and organizations that are committed to this. Especially if they come up with innovative solutions.

Peace SOS participated in the public peace negotiations organized by Minds of Peace in Israel, 2017

Public Peace Negotiations in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square (2017). Organized  by Minds of Peace.

For more information on the work of Sapir Handelman of Minds of Peace, see this short documentary that aired on BBC:


The Frontlines of Peace by Séverine Autesserre

I had the opportunity to hear professor Séverine Autesserre lecture about her new book The Frontlines of Peace. She stresses the need to put “local actors in the driver’s seat.” Séverine paraphrases Paul Lederach, who believes that the best solutions to any conflict come from the people experiencing it. Nevertheless, she believes that top-down building remains crucial, because it can help to reinforce the achievements of local inhabitants.

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Here I Am by May-May Meijer

Here I Am, is my book about my experiences with psychosis, depression and forced hospitalization. You might wonder why this book is paid attention to on the website of Peace SOS? During my psychosis, God showed the world through his eyes. His love for everything that lives. The bushes that seemed to want to touch me, the soil in the ground and all the organisms living in it, the snails communicating with each other. That is why I often say that we need to respect and cherish life. Life on earth is all interconnected.

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World Peace: And how we can achieve it by Alex Bellamy

In his book World Peace: And how we can achieve it, Professor Alex Bellamy states that he thinks of peace as the absence and prevention of war and the management of conflict through peaceful means, implying some form of legitimate civic order. By ‘world’ peace he means the extension of these ideas globally. World peace doesn’t come from institutional arrangements or economics alone, but must also live within the hearts and minds of people.

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Battling Injustice: 16 Women Nobel Peace Laureates by Supriya Vani

Supriya Vani interviewed many Nobel Peace laureates with the goal of inspiring people to work for peace. She wrote a preliminary article about her book for the website of Peace SOS, which can be found here.

The Women Nobel Peace Laureates are all beyond brave and inspiring and it is hard to mention only a couple of them. Bertha von Suttner wrote the book Die Waffen nieder! (Lay Down Your Arms!).

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