A message of a father from Gaza

16 Jun, 2024 | Gaza, Vrede en oorlog

The good news is that the family, which provided vegetables for Peace SOS to people in need before the war started, is still alive in Gaza. The family consists of a man, his wife, their baby girl and a young boy. But they are suffering a lot. This is the message of a father in Gaza:

“Unfortunately, our friend, we suffer a lot here. We get water with difficulty and transport it from a far place. Drinking water is almost non-existent. There is no gas for cooking, so we use wood and tree leaves. Often we remain without food for a long time unless wood is provided to light a fire. Unfortunately, there is great suffering here.  Very… and other than that, communication is almost non-existent. There are no medical points or psychological care. We are suffering from severe psychological pressure. Unfortunately, we were not able to give vaccinations to our children, especially since diseases and epidemics are very widespread and insects are everywhere… Unfortunately, my child has become more aggressive and suffers from intense fear.  When I hear the sounds of planes and explosions, he clings to me and starts screaming. I am very worried about him and his psychological state. We hope that this nightmare will end as soon as possible. We are suffering from all conditions… psychological, physical, and material. We are suffering, and we are not to blame for what happened and what is happening.😭😔”

Photo: Steve Johnson Pexels