“I’M AFRAID”, says Esra, a woman on the run on Lesvos, Greece

30 Jul, 2021 | Greece, Vluchtelingen

We are all afraid sometimes, being afraid gives us such a bad feeling. Volatile, restless and alert, even at night.

Fortunately, we have houses, and beds that we can crawl into at night. Movies we can watch, walks we can take outside in nature. Fortunately, we have family and people who care about us. And if we dare to ask, there is always help. So that we feel heard, so that we are less alone in our fear.

It’s not only resilient people we meet here at the refugee camp on Lesvos, Greece. We see a lot of very scared people too.

People who don’t know where their lives are headed, people with no destination on the horizon. People without family, without a home, without a bed, without movies. People in sweltering tents. Crammed together. Yesterday Esra came to us in the trailer, she was crying so hard. She couldn’t stop. She was shaking, she was so scared.

We held her close. We breathed…

We stayed together, and as we drove home at the end of the day, we took Esra with us in our thoughts.

Especially when life challenges you so much, when so much is uncertain, when you bear so much pain, it is so important to get help, support and a shoulder to cry on.

And even though we often can’t do much, this is something we can all do, always. Let’s help each other when we’re scared. Let us dare to ask for help when we are afraid.

Everything becomes less scary when we share our fear.


Because We Carry

About the author: Because We Carry supports pregnant women and mothers on the run on Lesvos, Greece.

Photo: Esra in Lesvos, Greece.

Note: This blog appeared earlier in Dutch on the Facebook page of Because we Carry.