A report from Gaza: A cry for help and for food and peace

10 Aug, 2021 | Gaza, Hongerbestrijding en honger, Vrede en oorlog

During the past period, and within our work in distributing aid and food baskets to poor families in the Gaza Strip, we were able, thanks to your support, to provide food and in-kind assistance (cash) to a large group of poor people in various areas in the Gaza Strip, where we toured the areas of the Strip to provide aid through your continuous support. What you have sent is enough to distribute aid (food baskets) to a number of poor families (15) each time. We have also distributed some money in various forms and in various fields, including:

1- Providing food baskets to needy families

2- Providing money (cash) to poor families of more than eight persons

3- Providing treatment to some needy patients

4- Giving gifts to poor children who lived through difficult experiences as a result of the war and lost their homes

5- Providing aid to orphans and those who lost their families as a result of the wars in Gaza

6- Helping some patients with travel costs for treatment abroad.

At times, we spent our own money to help some very poor families, based on our service to humanity and our volunteering, and in order for peace and security to prevail in the region…

What is the use of our humanity if there are children dying of starvation while we stand idly by and do not provide them with assistance?

There are families who do not have a stable source of income as a result of the siege and the successive wars on the Gaza Strip.

I am writing this report to you with sadness and pain and tears filling my eyes as families call me every day and beg me to provide them with assistance, especially in this difficult time that the Gaza Strip is going through, with lack of work and money and an increase in the prices of basic materials by 300%.

People are committing suicide due to their inability to provide food and drink for their children.

Therefore, we ask you for help so we can help these needy families immediately, to save their lives, even with a modest amount..

We thank you for your previous support to needy families and for working together to bring peace and security to the region and help individuals to live in peace and safety.

Thank you from Gaza

Angels of mercy

(the names of the two angels who wish to remain anonymous)