Here I Am by May-May Meijer

By: May-May Meijer

Here I Am, is my book about my experiences with psychosis, depression and forced hospitalization. You might wonder why this book is paid attention to on the website of Peace SOS? During my psychosis, God showed the world through his eyes. His love for everything that lives. The bushes that seemed to want to touch me, the soil in the ground and all the organisms living in it, the snails communicating with each other. That is why I often say that we need to respect and cherish life. Life on earth is all interconnected.

I stayed in solitary isolation, sending out love to evil powers. I still feel that love will enlighten the world. I learned from Women for Peace that it is important indeed to listen to ‘the other.’

Christ encouraged me to be open about my vulnerability to psychosis and mania and come to his home, the Sint Vitus Church. I did, and it was as if words were given to what I experienced during the several psychotic episodes I suffered from. The need to love each other, the need for world peace, to end hunger, to take care of the sick, the vulnerable people and nature. I also learned in Church that it is even encouraged to say that you feel Christ within you. That is exactly how I feel. It is good and important to care for others, but within your own limits.

I believe that God reveals himself in all religions. Christ encouraged me to write the book Here I Am and give it this title. Now is the time, more than ever, that change is needed in the world. Change which we can see by sending peace and love. Nuclear weapons and killer robots are the opposite of this and must be banned worldwide. We also need to halt climate change.

Together for: A World in Which All Children Can Play.

Here I Am: The path from psychosis and depression to the light, May-May Meijer, publisher: Mission World Peace (2020)

PS I hope to contribute to openness and knowledge about psychosis and depression, and to world peace with my book Here I Am. That’s why the English e-book can be distributed for free and the print book is available at cost price.

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