Women Wage Peace brings Israeli and Palestinian women together

4 Apr, 2021 | Vrede en oorlog, Vrouwen

Women Wage Peace (WWP) is an Israeli grassroots movement, founded in the aftermath of the 2014 war with Gaza. We have 45,000 members from the right, center and left of the political spectrum, Jews and Arabs, secular and religious, united in the demand for a mutually binding agreement between Israelis and Palestinians to finally put an end to our decades-old conflict. We believe, in the spirit of UNSC Resolution 1325, that it is only if women are involved as full partners in decision making that there can be sustainable peace and security for all.

WWP has two main target populations:

  • The Israeli public, specifically young Israeli women, women from the geographic and socio-economic periphery, women from the center and center-right of the political spectrum. These target populations are in line with our theory of change that only a movement of diverse populations can result in effective change.
  • Israeli decision makers and elected representatives, as well as opinion shapers.

In 2020, despite the challenges of Covid-19, we are gratified to report on the year’s achievements:

  • WWP was granted NGO advisory status at the UN.
  • Knesset members from several political parties submitted our bill Political Alternatives First to the Knesset.
  • We grew to over 45,000 members strong.
  • Following a meeting, and in partnership with the Israeli NGO, Itach-Maki, (Women Lawyers for Social Justice) at the Knesset Committee on the Status of Women, we received a commitment from the committee chair and the Minister for Social Equality to advocate for funding for the implementation of a national action plan assuring participation of women in all matters of peace and security.

With the Abraham Accords and the Biden administration in place, along with signals from the Palestinian Authority of their wish to return to negotiations, we see a unique opportunity for policy makers to commit to a political solution and for us to amplify our message that to achieve sustainable peace women must be at the table.

Here are our bold initiatives for 2021:

  • Elections 2021 (Israel’s 4th (!) national election in two years) – We took an active role in the election campaign, demanding that the political parties address the issue of a political agreement to the conflict as part of their platforms.
  • Regional Summit –  Our flagship project for Israeli and Palestinian women will culminate in a regional peace conference with the participation of leaders and policy makers from the region and the world. We will plan and execute the summit together with Palestinian women peace activists who operate vis-a-vis their public and decision-makers. When Covid-19 regulations allow it, our Palestinian partners will also arrive in Israel to give Israeli public a chance to get familiar with Palestinian peace activists and shift the perception that “there is no partner”. Please see ‘Partners for Peace‘.
  • Gaza Border Project – We will establish a Citizens’ Cabinet to advocate for the Israeli residents along the Gaza border and keep a spotlight on the ever-present danger of full-scale war in this region.
  • Removing Barriers to Peace – We challenge the belief of many Israelis that there is no Palestinian partner for peace, we keep showing that Palestinians are actually interested in peace. Using cutting edge communications research, we reframe public perception of the possibilities for peace.
  • Hands for Peace – To strengthen efforts to reframe public perception of the possibilities for peace, we will invite artists to create sculptures that embody their aspirations for peace, to be installed on sites throughout the country.
  • Ongoing Projects – Promoting our Knesset bill, Political Alternatives First, advocating for the implementation of a national action plan ensuring participation of women in all matters of peace and security, meeting with pre-army groups, and monthly demonstrations at intersections throughout the country.

April 1, 2021. See for more information the website of Women Wage Peace