The missing hope of the Yemeni people and the long-awaited dream

18 May, 2022 | Hongerbestrijding en honger, Jemen, Vrede en oorlog

The dream weaving through the hearts of all Yemenis to stop the war and the shooting, was at that time nothing but a dream that might come true. My heartfelt desire is for the Yemenis to achieve their wishes to follow  their hearts without the ever-present buzzing of bullets, tank tracks and sound of cannons. Their lives bleed, as does their country.

Is it not time for this war to put an end to its burdens, to bow to its disappointments, and to stand with the bleeding hearts of Yemenis, and the dream that everyone is seeking – to stop the shooting and return to life in its normal state. And its course, has become, as usual, one of seeking peace, seeking hope, seeking freedom. How long will life continue to be covered in blood, overcome by destruction and devastation.

It demands an immense amount from the condition of the people who remained standing in the face of these events, waiting for hands to shake hands, hearts to forgive hearts, and the bloodshed to cease so that everyone could live in peace.

Comprehensive peace is the main gateway to the renaissance and stability of all peoples. Through dialogue, consensus, harmony and convergence of viewpoints, peoples will achieve their hopes and aspirations, but only through a serious desire for conciliation. And the positive and effective actions to complete the peace project that all peoples seek.

Author: Maher Saleh, Yemen

Note: this blog was written before the UN-brokered truce in Yemen.