Life in Yemen is an unbearable hell

19 Mar, 2022 | Hongerbestrijding en honger, Jemen, Vrede en oorlog

Things got out of control in Yemen, which was burdened with devastating conflicts. The situation became catastrophic, unbearable to wait, and increasing day by day. Citizens are looking for someone to support them. Others suffer pain and share their pain and hardships. From life, nothing but the struggles that made life an unbearable hell. Life stood waiting for them in the streets of the cities, begging that they would not find someone to support them, and others were exhausted by the circumstances of life, so there was no way for them to die.

It is not surprising to see millions of malnourished children in this country exhausted by conflict based on genocide, brutality and crime. There is a life that suffers from all pain and struggles with hunger – and the citizen suffers from poverty and hunger. A tired homeland, a tired body, a disastrous life. A homeland torn by war and hunger.

Author: Maher Saleh, Yemen