Providing vegetables, fruits and clothes to displaced families in camps in Yemen

8 May, 2022

Ebrahim Saif of Peace SOS Yemen has been providing emergency aid to 120 displaced families in camps in Dobah Kharg, Al-Shamayatayn Directorate, Yemen. The health of the people in the camps is bad and deteriorating fast, as they do not have enough food and due to the lack of sanitation. The children are suffering from malaria and malnutrition.

120 children received new clothes made by tailors and seamstresses from owners of small projects. The families were also provided a package of vegetables and fruits. Medicines were given to diabetic patients due to their inability to provide money to purchase the necessary treatments. It is worth mentioning that another sponsor also donated to the project and visited it. The sponsor covered some costs for families and treated them in the hospital due to the seriousness of their health condition. The sponsor did this to serve the community and was glad to cooperate with Peace SOS Yemen.

These are some of the quotes from the recipients of the gifts:

  • Thank you, you made me see my son happy, I am grateful to you by my life
  • Thank you for securing our breakfast today with vegetables and fruits. Happy Eid!
  • Your visits to us came from God to relieve our concerns
  • I can now feel happy in the Eid after the availability of treatment for my husband. Thank you, you are a bird of mercy
  • I am a widow, and your help by giving me the opportunity to make clothes for children helped me a lot to provide the basics and get my children into school again. Thank you.

Although a sponsor and Peace SOS Yemen provided help, we think it isn’t enough by far. Children are suffering from malnutrition and people need medical help. The people in the camps deserve our support and efforts to achieve peace in Yemen. We need to work together for: A World in Which All Children Can Play.