Once upon a time in Woolieland

22 Feb, 2021 | Woolies

Woolieland is like no country on earth, it is far away from humans over the rainbow.

Everywhere, you can see wonderful gardens with the tastiest fruits you can ever imagine. Nowhere on earth produces such yummy fruits as in Woolieland. In the gardens, flowers of all colours bloom, even rainbow flowers, all with a sweet fragrance.

Woolies never suffer from hunger or thirst, because tasty little mushrooms grow all over the land. Springs of clear bubbling water are everywhere.

Woolieland has never experienced a thunderstorm or natural disaster. The nature in Woolieland is calm and friendly, like all the beings who live there. There are animals that look like the ones we know, but they are much smaller, because Woolies never grow as tall as humans.

All beings live in harmony with each other.

The Woolies find joy when they make others happy. Which is why they knit little gifts, or compose songs to sing for other Woolies. Or they share their fruits and eat them together.

Should you have a dream in the night of Woolieland, it means that they have invited you. This is a great honour. Because Woolies seldom invite a human to see their country. Only when a human is very cuddly, soft and peaceful.

If you go there in your dreams, please follow their rules:

Never hurt any being there

Never start bullying

Don’t carry any weapons, not even a toy weapon

Speak kindly and use no harsh words

Cuddle and caress the woolies, they love it

Take care of their environment

Take care of their animals

When they offer you their fruits, you know they are very fond of you.

Some years ago, the Woolies decided to come to earth, to visit many countries and continents here because they saw how sick the earth was and that it needed to be healed .

Now the Woolies travel everywhere to show humans how to be kind, how to treat our environment with respect and how to take joy in children.

Author and Woolie Mum: Tanja Ranke from Ochsenfurt Germany. You can find her on Facebook and ask the Woolies if they come to visit you: https://www.facebook.com/tanja.ranke.9