Fluffy’s Dream

4 Mar, 2021 | Kenia, Woolies

Fluffy is the youngest son of Wooliemum and Wooliedad. He has three siblings – one sister and two brothers. Fluffy is very happy that he was born in Woolieland. Because Woolieland is a wonderful place, where everyone is kind to each other.

But one day, Fluffy finds a book about the Earth.

It was a book describing how earthlings treat each other. After reading the book, he asked his father “Do earthlings really hate each other? And what is hate exactly?” Wooliedad couldn’t give him an answer. He didn’t even know that a place like Earth existed. So Fluffy asked his mother: “Do earthlings really hurt each other? And what does the word ‘hurt’ mean?” She didn’t know either.

So Fluffy asked his grandmother. She answered: “My dear child. ‘Hate’ and ‘hurt’ are very ugly words, we never use them in Woolieland. Forget this book, and take it back where you found it. Perhaps it will find its way back to this unknown planet again.”

Fluffy took the book back to where he had found it. But he couldn’t stop thinking about what he had read. So he created a dream.

He dreamed of finding a way to get to this unknown planet named Earth, and to find out what was happening there.

He wonders why they use such ugly words there.

Fluffy is a Woolie with magic powers of Love and Kindness.

Could he travel to Earth and spread his magic there?

He told his Wooliemum about his plan. She said: “You are still too young, you will have to wait till your 10th birthday to solve the mystery.”

The years passed. Fluffy grew up to be a very happy and loving woolie. He played with his siblings, learned a lot of things in school like singing, handcrafting gifts, and how to make others smile. And in the year 2013 in Earth time – it was the year 3987 in Woolieland – he celebrated his 10th birthday.

He had a big party, with a tasty fruit cake, and all his friends visited him and he played with them the whole day.

Then he had to go to bed, because Grandmother said: “Tomorrow is a big day for you. I will show you the secret.”

The next day, he woke up early, very excited.

His grandmother brought him to the rock where he had found the book all those years ago and pushed it to one side. A portal opened and his grandmother gave him a crystal.

“Go through the portal and you will find yourself on Earth.”

“When you want to return to us, just play this tune on your crystal and you will be in Woolieland again.” So Fluffy went through the portal to Earth. Suddenly, he discovered that he could fly, something he was never able to do in Woolieland. So he flew across every country on Earth, but what he saw made him very sad.

He decided to bring more Love and Joy on Earth.

So he looked for friendly people. In every country, he found a loving human and taught them to make Woolies just like him with wool and to decorate stones and write messages of Hope and Love on them. Fluffy’s dream is to spread these Woolies and stones across the whole world.

If you want to help Fluffy spread his love across the world: buy some wool, eyes and some glue, create your own special Woolies and give them to everyone you meet.

Fluffy taught the earthlings for 6 years and in the year 2019 in Earth time, he played the tune his grandmother had taught him on his crystal and was welcomed back in Woolieland by his grandmother, Wooliemum and Wooliedad, and all his friends.

But the Woolies and decorated stones will continue to spread across the whole world until every country is filled with Love.

Recently, Fluffy and his Woolie friends went to Earth again to Nairobi, Kenya, to visit the schoolchildren and their wonderful teacher Dishon Otiende.

Author and Woolie Mum: Tanja Ranke from Ochsenfurt Germany. You can find her on Facebook and ask the Woolies if they come to visit you: https://www.facebook.com/tanja.ranke.9