Planting trees to empower women and restore the environment

19 Oct, 2021

Manica Youth Assembly (MAYA) we’re proud to have many women joining young people in dedicated to reforestation Dangamvura mountain with the supported from Peace SOS. Plant a tree, care for creation. Celebrating the love of creation by planting trees with women in marginalized communities supported by Peace SOS. Women are socially and economically disadvantaged in many Zimbabwe and many parts of the world. We leave no one behind in this project as many women just like young people are threatened by the effects of the climate change.
Climate change and environmental degradation are already impacting peace and security in diverse ways. At the same time, the change needed to transition to lower-carbon, greener economies are fraught with risks, but also offers many opportunities to contribute to more peaceful, sustainable societies.

Whenever the environment is threatened it also threatens the peaceful existence of the community. As an environmental based organisation, MAYA is geared to foster both a culture of peace as well as a culture of environmental protection to achieve an environment that is not polluted and being able to be habited easily. Whenever the environment is threatened by manmade or natural events such as deforestation, pollution, or cyclones or such environmental disasters there are direct negative effects on not just humans but flora and fauna. When this happens, there are serious conflicts that arise as survival takes precedence. It will not only affect the animals but everyone hence the need for a robust response to the effects of environmental degradation and its relation to peace.

Deforestation and woodland degradation are issues of great concern in Zimbabwe. Poverty is a driver of deforestation in Zimbabwe. Disadvantaged communities need land for small-scale farms as well as firewood and charcoal. Logging, cash-crop plantations, mining and large-scale infrastructure projects cause harm too. If environmental protection is not taken seriously there will be security threat to the country and affecting the region. Environmental consciousness of citizens is critical to the existence of environmental protection committees so that the business, government and other players are taken to task for their actions.
It is our expected vision that MAYA together with other relevant stakeholders will be able to take the environmental protection projects to greater heights considering that every individual depends on clean environment and hence need to be sensitive to the needs of others for safe spaces. Where the environment is threatened it also threatens the peaceful coexistence of people around. MAYA Together with the Peace SOS we will continue improving knowledge on sustainable environment management and its direct benefit towards peace and development.
We believe in positive change to prevent, minimize and mitigate the environmental impacts of conflicts and the partnership with Peace SOS will go a long a way together in transforming our communities into peaceful environment.