Justdiggit’s mission of cooling down the planet: By empowering millions of African farmers to regreen their land

11 Nov, 2021 | Natuur, Ontbossing

Did you know that by applying nature-based solutions we can mitigate global warming by 37%? That’s why Justdiggit is on a mission to regreen Africa in the next 10 years. By inspiring and empowering millions of subsistence farmers to restore their degraded lands, they aim to bring back vegetation all throughout Africa. To achieve this goal and give farmers tips and tricks on how to get started, they develop different educational communication tools such as the landscape restoration platform Greener.LAND.

About Justdiggit

Justdiggit runs on-the-ground regreening projects in Africa to make dry land green again. They do this together with their partners, the local communities and the farmers that own and live off the land. By implementing a range of regreening techniques, they are able to restore large areas of degraded land. Think of harvesting rainwater with the help of bunds, restoring trees with Kisiki Hai, and protecting grasses and empowering women with grass seed banks. By using these nature-based solutions they are able to bring back vegetation which will help preserve biodiversity, improve livelihoods and positively impact climate change.


Every day, farmers are witnessing the positive effects of regreening. Justdiggit’s mission is to scale up the regreening and inform and inspire as many African farmers as possible to start regreening their own land. To spread this regreening movement – and to provide African farmers with the right set of knowledge and tools for their specific type of land – Nature^Squared, SamSamWater and Justdiggit developed the online platform Greener.LAND.

Greener.LAND aims to assist farmers, and others who want to regreen their land, in deciding which landscape interventions are best suited for the landscape they operate in. Is it for example natural, grazing or agricultural land you are operating from? Clear and basic videos and pictures help the farmers to apply the specific interventions on their own land. Depending on the type of land, the location, the climate and other factors, they can find the right regreening techniques. This way everyone can join the regreening revolution in a more efficient way, giving them a hand on how to get started


Categories of different landscape restoration techniques (Greener.LAND)


Greener.LAND aims to inspire millions of people to start regreening themselves. This means more green and a cooler earth! Justdiggit’s aim is to raise worldwide awareness that nature-based solutions are the key to reversing climate change, and to inspire everyone to take part in making that change happen. A tool like Greener.LAND makes it significantly easier to highlight these nature-based solutions, and enables farmers, and other people who want to start regreening, to make use of them.

With the help of tools such as Greener.LAND, Justdiggit is able to reach and inspire as many people as possible. Justdiggit’s goal is to get everyone involved and to regreen as much degraded land in Africa as possible. They aim to have a green and lush Africa by 2030 and cool down our planet. This is the Decade of Doing: Dig in & cool down the planet!

Photo: Tanzanian farmer performing Kisiki Hai

Author: Anna Nwankwo, Marketing & Communications of JustDiggit