Free Watch Afghanistan Organization

10 Sep, 2018 | Geen categorie

The war is taking its victims every day and violence deteriorates day by day. Contemporary history of the country is depleted with massacres, violence and killing of innocent people. We, youth, are born in war and peace has always been a fancy dream. We have just experienced conflict suffering violence and hatred. Hence, youth are the main victims of terrorist attacks, and it still continues. After Bonne Conference in 2002 and establishment of Transitional Government, Afghan government and international community were committed to good governance, accountability, engagement and law enforcement. It was a great opportunity to institutionalize above mentioned values for youth in order to create young and professional cadre and they could have a significantly remarkable contribution in democratic processes. Unfortunately, such an underscoring by politicians, technocrats and elites resulted to recruitment of youth by terrorist groups, mafia networks and national and international traffickers. Even international funds could not increase youth’s capacity in order to keep them away from corrupts and mafia. Despite spontaneous efforts of youth, increase in their engagement in different decision-making and influence layers, mobilization of youth still looks a legend. Youth have a long way ahead to meet the ideals. Insufficient participation of youth in peace processes has led to the extent that their potential is not used to bring positive change in the society. Today, peace is an abstract in youth’s minds. Anyway, we believe politicizing peace process with up-down approach has left no tangible result for Afghan people. Therefore, the approach needs to be reviewed. At the end, Free Watch Afghanistan Organization, as representing youth in today’s event, presents its recommendations to High Peace Council as highest ranking governmental agency regarding peace as following:

• Establish Youth Committee within High Peace Council to include their rights and ideas in decision-making. The Committee can bridge High Peace Council to youth and people of Afghanistan.

• Participation of youth representatives in the peace-related meetings and decisions at local and national levels

• Create adequate opportunities to increase capacity of Youth Committee members in and out of the country and exchange ideas with peace advocates in regional and international forums.

• Invite youth to conduct awareness campaigns on peace in all provinces of the country.