Blog Report on the situation in Idlib

17 May, 2019 | Overige

9 May, 2019
In the last few days, the city of Idlib and some of its surrounding areas have witnessed a massive exodus due to the bombardment of Russian airliners, displacing thousands of families and demolishing houses and hospitals.

More than 40 thousand cifilians south of Idlib and northern Hama left their homes because of the bombing of them crazy recently, especially in the last week, causing the death and wounding hundreds and displaced thousands of them and turn their towns and cities to ghost towns.

Tens of thousands of displaced people are roaming the open, and they are the only ones who have lost their homes. They have become the most basic basic of life, food and drink for their children. Their financial situation depended on their agricultural land, which is their source of livelihood.

I talk to a displaced person from Hama, she lives in agricultural land in rural Idlib. She tells us “I and my son have only God’s mercy and a small piece of land to enjoy their harvest every year, and before the crop is harvested in 15 days, the air campaign has started on the countryside of Hama,”

“The lack of resourcefulness and the lack of materials have prompted me, like many around me, to go to the safer camps or towns,” she says. “I do not have the cost of bread so I can pay rent.” She stops talking to complete her tears on her cheeks.

This is a report on the situation in general through daily communication with families in the open, who can not find what you eat. Young children who need milk and food face death from hunger and lack of support and assistance.

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