Towards: A World in Which All Children Can Play

Open Letter – Please open the Egyptian border for humanitarian aid in Gaza

H.E. Hamdi Sanad Loza
Egyptian Vice minister of Foreign Affairs

Open letter: Open the border for humanitarian aid in Gaza

Bussum, The Netherlands, 15 April 2024

Your Excellency,

We were extremely shocked to hear of the killing of 1,200 Israeli civilians on October 7th
and all those hostages being taken captive. Nevertheless, we are also very shocked by the
news from Gaza. According to the Palestinian authorities which is cited in Dutch
newspaper Het Parool, the Palestinian death toll in Gaza is at least 33,000 as at 6th April
2024. At least two-thirds of whom are children and women. In addition, we have heard the
call from the WHO informing us of the collapsing health system and their concerns with
regard to infectious diseases in Gaza.

We are calling upon all parties to cherish life and to care for each other. In order to save
the lives of all civilians, we call for a permanent ceasefire. We fear that the bombings in
Gaza will continue, while the citizens are unable to flee because the Rafah border is closed.
In addition, we hope that all hostages will be released and that clean water, food, and
humanitarian aid will be provided to the citizens of Gaza.

We hear from our partner in Gaza and read in the news that the situation in Gaza is
disastrous. This is unacceptable, especially because trucks with humanitarian aid are
waiting at the border. We would like to ask you to open the border from the Egyptian side
to Gaza for humanitarian aid. We understand that the majority of the trucks have been
loaded by the UN, so there is no need to fear that they contain weapons. In addition, we
hope that Egypt can contribute to the reconciliation of Israel and Palestine.
We hope that Life will be cherished and soon we will see: A World in Which All Children
Can Play.

Peace and all the best wishes,

May-May Meijer, chair, Peace SOS
Hans van Iterson, Artsen voor Vrede (Doctors for Peace)
Jakob de Jonge, chair, The Hague Peace Projects

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