Marieke Bron


Hello! My name is Marieke Bron (2003) and I study medicine in Utrecht. I heard of Peace SOS from May-May Meijer, who is a good friend of my mother’s. When May-May asked me to become an advisor for Peace SOS, I was relieved. I often feel powerless in this world when I see the injustice being done to people across the border. But what can I do against the system in which people live? Peace SOS shows me that it is indeed possible to make a difference in the lives of brothers and sisters far away. Peace SOS works from one to another, believes in individual power coming together, aims high and persists. In this way, they manage to bring to people the freedom that we all deserve: freedom to live our lives, take chances and decide our own future. For children, this is the freedom to play. Because I too believe in this freedom for all humans on earth, I am very happy to be able to contribute to this wonderful organisation that is Peace SOS.

Peace SOS
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