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These are events that we as Peace SOS take part in.

Peace Culture Festival

September 17th, 2017

On Sunday, 17 September, we, Peace SOS, are collaborating with The Art of Living to bring people from diverse cultural backgrounds, locals and the international community, together under one umbrella to take action for peace and well-being.


We will be in Eindhoven at the Peace Culture Festival to present our new project proposal ‘A New Shape’. We will discuss a new global governing model to establish sustainable peace. Several panel members, including the director of the Philips Foundation, will share their thoughts on our project proposal. Come join us for music, dance, food and workshops to promote mutual understanding, communication, peace and harmony between diverse groups forming a one-world family!


Towards World Peace! U.N. 2.0.

May 13th, 2017

How to achieve world peace? And what kind of global governance model is needed to achieve this? Do we need an improved version of the United Nations – a United Nations 2.0. – or a complete new model? Amin Rafiee, co-founder of Bitnation, will explain how new technology such as bitcoin can be used for a new global governance.


At this meet up we will think about the possibilities for a new Global Governance structure. The results of the Meet Up will be used to participate in ‘A New Shape Competition’ from the Global Challenges Foundation.The aim of the prize is to find models or frameworks for international cooperation, capable of addressing problems such as climate change, violent conflict, extreme poverty, and expected continuing rapid population growth.


About the speakers

  • May-May Meijer is founder of Peace SOS, a young organization that is set up to stimulate peace and human rights and to combat poverty.
  • Amin Rafiee is co-founder of Bitnation.
  • Mohammed Badran is a student of cultural anthropology and developmental sociology at the VU Amsterdam. He is the founder of Syrian Volunteers in the Netherlands, for which he spoke at the UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants.
  • Joost Herman is professor in Globalisation Studies and Humanitarian Action at the university of Groningen.
  • Peter van der Vliet is director of the Multilateral Organisations and Human Rights Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Simone Filippini is chair of the Dutch United Nations Association.
  • Audifax Ndabitoreye was an independent president candidate during the elections in Burundi in 2015.
  • Charles Dickson is founder World Solar Fund.
  • Sietse Blom is board member of the Dutch United Nations Association.

Moderator is journalist Sandra Rottenberg.

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Book presentation Battling Injustice: The stories of sixteen women

Fall 2017

In fall of 2017, Supriya Vani will present her book ‘Battling Injustice: The Stories of Sixteen Women Nobel Peace Laureates’. For the book, she interviewed ten Nobel Peace Laureates. UN secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon wrote the preface, Mikhail Gorbachev wrote some warm words about her book and Cherie Blair mentioned that the book would inspire young people for peace. Click here to read the preview and the blog by Supriya Vani about Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Tawakkol Karman.

Other evenementen

These are interesting events within our area of expertise.

14th international conference on the EU, Turkey and the Kurds
December 6th and 7th 2017 in Brussels, Belgium
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